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Basic Techniques to Create a User Friendly Website

If you want to gain a strong edge over your competition, or some of it, then assess your site’s user friendliness factor. Naturally, you need to know what to look for and what it all means. Giving your site this quality will make it an unstoppable marketing machine. Different sites in different markets will sometimes have to try different strategies, but you can figure that out and make progress.

There are so many things you can do to improve your site and its performance.

Remember that people landing on your home page want to know very fast what you have for them. So then they can find out fast and hopefully they’ll continue to other pages. No matter what the form of your content, it has to be solid and offer good value. From the home page, be very sure your navigation structure is clean and easy to follow. It’s not hard to figure out for yourself what is too much because you know how you feel about it.

Your design is important, it matters to some extent and has a role – but it’s not as all-important as some make it out to be. Your site design can be average without going over the top and looking like a masterpiece. How you set up the overall structure with various elements is actually more important. This is when knowing who is in your audience will be of great help to you. Don’t even focus on making sure your design is as fancy as it can be, but you’ll need to have color coordination that works, rather than clashes.

The home page copy needs to be descriptive, but you can always entice them with an offer in a non-sales type way. There are really quite a few ways and places to do this, and perhaps the best approach is to test it out. This is why it matters that you put some though into your marketing so it all works well together. You can offer something like a special one-time promo or an incentive to join your mailing list. High visibility locations are the way to go with these offers, and you can also change them from time to time.

Keep in mind that a user friendly site is one that contains good usability methods. Your time on site metrics will skyrocket, hopefully, and then that will make you look good. Then you’ll see improvements in your analytics and conversion areas such as optins, etc. Don’t do what so many others do which is nothing – you have to build your business.

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