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SEO Mistakes – Things You Need To Avoid

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In the process of learning more about search engine optimization (SEO) you are going to learn all sorts of tips and tricks about how to improve your rankings. As you learn, you will know what to do. You need to figure out what you should not be doing as well – this is the hard part! Improving in this search engine optimization field requires a few mistakes every now and then. Just try your best, and also try not to hurt yourself while you learn. This article will show you several of the largest mistakes that SEO people make to help you with your own search engine optimization efforts.

It is important to do proper keyword brainstorming when doing SEO. It’s exactly as it sounds. In a nutshell, you are brainstorming the keywords that you want to use when you do a marketing campaign, or even when you add content to your site. A lot of new Internet Marketers skip over this step. They seem to think that if they just work on their content and site, the keywords will show themselves eventually. Although this could work, the most profitable way to go about this is to do a keyword brainstorm before adding any content at all. It’s the only way to make sure you don’t get stuck with keywords you hate later on.

You should use a free blog platform. Success, according to some bloggers, begins with free blogs, and then gradually moves over to a paid platform where you can really start to make money. On a few levels, this is quite faulty. Let’s just stick with SEO talk for a second. Free hosted blogging platforms do not offer the flexibility that you need to make sure that you are putting your best SEO foot forward. Coding is difficult. It’s difficult to manipulate your tags. A free blog just won’t work. You need to do paid hosting from the get-go. By doing this, over time, you will have better SEO because of it.

It is essential that different anchor text is used. Using different key phrases or keywords, usually two or three, is when Internet Marketers tend to shoot for with their online efforts. This goal is the one that everyone has. Still, limiting your anchor text to just those few words or phrases is not a good idea. This type of marketing will get boring for you and those that read what you are submitting. So when you do this, especially on an article or a sales page that has quite a bit of content, the Google spiders have no choice but to regard this as keyword stuffing even if you are not trying to do this. You need variety, not repetition. Therefore, you need to mix up your content to fix this. Search engine optimization, when you don’t know what you’re doing, can seem really tricky. The truth is that even when you think you know what you are doing, you can still make mistakes. The mistakes we have just discussed are only a few that you could potentially make. It is possible that you will make even more mistakes. When you are done reading this, you will be able to avoid some of the mistakes that we have discussed.

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