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How To Plan for A Successful Business Blog

If a person makes a defective plan for a site or business blog, then that’s much better than building a blog with no plan in mind. By planning, you are setting yourself apart (in a good way) from those that don’t even take the time to plan at all. You should know that there is a foundational planning stage for any blog that you create, something that most people are not aware of. Too numerous to list, there are many benefits when this is done the right way. There are so many more to learn, even after you get the tips and techniques under your belt.

Due to financial constraints, it is common for people to use free blog themes that are available. Despite the fact that free themes won’t set you back, there are negatives to using them. If you can find a theme that gets a lot of updates, and is high quality, it’s really not worth using one otherwise. Despite the fact that premium themes cost money, this is certainly the direction you want to go in.

You could choose another platform other than WordPress, or simply use the default theme since it is not that bad. You really need to become knowledgeable with themes if you are going to use them. Once you decide to use these themes, then you need to choose the ones that are right for you.

The Google updates that just occurred (specifically Penguin) has motivated people to step up their game in regard to SEO. Over optimization can be a very tricky process, something that Google has warned about. It’s important to utilize a certain SEO strategy which will require, especially with blogs, using SEO plugins to get everything just right.

You want to have better rankings, and you need to ignore Google updates. Just make your blog SEO friendly with SEO plugins and you’ll be just fine. Unfortunately, Google has completely confused the online marketing world for both large and small businesses. You simply need to improve your on page SEO, get ranked in the search engines, and focus on the larger picture. Check out digital marketing Raleigh NC experts for more insights on ranking high on SERPs.

We should spend some more time working with the freebie, given how absolutely important it is. You will have a much better chance of getting an opt-in if you actually market the opportunity on your blog. You should build a pre-sell page that tells people all about how great your freebie giveaway is. A lot of people have started to ignore that stuff because they are used to getting lower quality e-books. Make something great for your giveaway rather than buying, or borrowing, something from a torrent site or whatever. Make some videos or find a different way to give away some of your content. You can probably think of lots of different things that your audience is going to enjoy. It’s important that people genuinely want the content you’re offering them for free.

You need to have the topical structure in place with your blog before you put it online – this is very important. Your content will be posted on your blog, and seen in this particular fashion. This really matters, so don’t do this last, or try to change it later.